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Cisco - Phone: 99XX series factory reset procedure



The Purpose of this Article is to help you understand the steps and procedures of performing a factory reset on the 99XX series of Cisco Devices. 

NOTE: In the case of VPN capable phones make sure that the phone is behind an ASA or a Managed Circuit before performing a factory reset. Failure to do so can result in the phone losing it's VPN capabilities entirely.

Case Disposition:

Case Record Type: Support Standard 

Type: Problem

Product: Cisco

SubProduct: Hardware

Issue: 99xx

Sub Issue: Other

Other Issue: Factory Reset

Priority: Priority 4

Severity: Low

Department: Support



Reset via Software:

Step 1  From the Administrator Settings menu, (unless a password has been set)

Step 2  Choose Reset Settings > All Settings.


Reset via Keypad:

Step 1  While powering up the phone, press and hold #.

Step 2  When the light on the Mute button and handset light strip turns off and all other lights (Line button, Headset button, Speakerphone button, and Select button) stay green, press 123456789*0# in sequence.

When you press 1, the lights on the line buttons turn red. The light on the Select button flashes when a button is pressed.

If you press the buttons out of sequence, the lights on the line button, headset button, speakerphone button, and Select button turn green. You need to start over and press 123456789*0# in sequence again.

After you press these buttons, the phone goes through the factory reset process.


Do not power down the phone until it completes the factory reset process, and the main screen appears.


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