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Cisco Connect User - FindMe-FollowMe

Find-me/follow-me gives a caller the option of pressing "1" when reaching your voicemail at which time the CallTower Connect system will attempt to locate you at an alternate location. Users can specify what locations the system should attempt to forward the call to and in what order (i.e., first call my Cell, then call my Home locations).

Find-Me/Follow-Me Set-up

  1. Go to the Menu Hamburger Menu.PNG >> Users
  2. Lookup & click on the intended user to bring up User Details
    Select User.PNG
  3. Navigate to User Settings >> Properties >> Phone
    Add Phones.PNG
  4. Enter Applicable information within the fields
    Phone Details.PNG
  5. Navigate to Voicemail Services >> Profiles >> Follow Me
    Enable Follow Me.PNG
  6. Select which order by location to follow. 
    Follow Me Routing.PNG
  7. *****Note: Follow Me will be prompted by pressing 1 from the user's voicemail greeting.



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