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Cisco Internal CyberData SIP Enabled IP Speaker


 POE Power      You will need to either connect to a POE switch or have a POE Injector.
Connect           You will also need Hosters access to Calltower Connect


component 1.png

comp 2.png










Add a common area phone in connect as a Third-party SIP Device with the following settings.
Wait for Connect to show that the phone has been installed.

Configure the Speaker (CyberData Ceiling Speaker)

Once the Speaker is plugged into POE switch and powers up the Status Light should go green the Link light will be amber. 
      1)Press Firmly and Release the RTFM button.  It will announce the IP address of the device.
      2)Open a web browser and navigate to the IP address.  The default name and password are   admin, admin.
           a)Navigate to the SIP Config Page and change the following.
                1)SIP Server :                  (IP Address of Publisher)
                2)BackUp SIP Server 1:    (IP Address of a Subscriber)
                3)BackUp SIP Server 2:    (IP Address of the other Subscriber)
                4)Use Cisco SRST:          (Uncheck Unless Using Cisco SRST)
                5)Leave Ports to default unless advised to change
                6)No Outbound Proxy or Proxy Port is needed in standard CT Config
                7)SIP User ID:                  (DN of Device)
                8)Authenticate ID:             (User Name)
                9)Authenticate Password: (12345 – default password)
                10)Re-Registration Interval:(120)
                11)Press SAVE
                12)Press REBOOT
                13)Wait the 30 seconds for the device to reboot
                14)You should now see a green (Registered) message for all servers.
                15)Call the DN, you should hear a beep then you can page over the speaker
                16)There should be no need to setup any other custom config on device unless customer has specific needs. If these are needed please escalate to CCE

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