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Cisco - Change Name And Number Caller ID


1. Log into the Admin Portal and navigate to the phones tab.   
2. After you have selected the phone you want to change  Line Properties.

3. Here you can change the Label, Internal Caller ID, Alerting Name and External Caller ID.

Label: What the phone itself displays for the Line.
Internal Call ID: The Name that is used for Internal Calls.

Alerting Name: Name that is shown when others call it. Name will then change to Internal Call ID once answered.
External Caller ID: Shows the number of your phone when you make a call. If you choose, you can alter this to show another number within the company.   

Some customers have requested that the caller ID does not show any name or number at all. Unfortunately, we do not offer the feature to remove the number completely from the Caller ID. This is simply a drop down menu of the company numbers.