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Cisco Connect Admin - Change External Caller ID

What is the External ID? 

The External ID field will allow users to select any number from their available inventory to be the displayed number when making outbound calls. 
Example: Calls made from 801-555-1234 with the External ID set as 801-555-4321 will show as 801-555-4321 to the receiving party. 


1. Log into the Admin Portal and navigate to the Phones tab.

2. Select the MAC in question, then select Line Properties.

3. Select the line you wish to modify such as Line 1

4. Once the Line has been clicked on you'll see External Caller ID and it has a drop down. By default it shows the number assigned to the user. This can be changed to any number as long as that number is in Connect.

5. Click Save in the bottom right once you have selected the appropriate phone number.

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