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Cisco Connect Admin - Line Properties

Note: For instructions on how to change the number of lines versus speed dials click here

Manage Line Property Steps

1. Navigate to the phones tab and then select the phone you wish to modify.

2. Select Line Properties after selecting a phone.

3. From here you'll see all the lines that are on the phone. Select a line you wish to modify.

4. Once a line is selected you'll see the following settings:

1 Line Info: DN/Label/Internal Caller ID/Alerting Name/External Caller ID

2 Line Forwarding: Forward All/Forward Busy/Forward No Answer/Forward Not Registered

3 Line settings: No Answer Ring Duration/MWI Policy/Ring (idle)/Ring (In-Use)/Max Calls/Busy Trigger/Call Pickup/Auto Answer Option


1. Highlight the line you wish to delete.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and press delete.

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