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Cisco Connect Admin - Line Properties

Note: For instructions on how to change the number of lines versus speed dials click here

Manage Line Property Steps:


1. Navigate to the phones tab and then select the phone you wish to modify.

2. Select Line Properties after selecting a phone.

3. From here you'll see all the lines that are on the phone. Select a line you wish to modify.

4. Once a line is selected you'll see the following settings:

1 Line Info: DN/Label/Internal Caller ID/Alerting Name/External Caller ID

2 Line Forwarding: Forward All/Forward Busy/Forward No Answer/Forward Not Registered

3 Line settings: No Answer Ring Duration/MWI Policy/Ring (idle)/Ring (In-Use)/Max Calls/Busy Trigger/Call Pickup/Auto Answer Option



1. Highlight the line you wish to delete.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and press delete.



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