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Cisco Connect Admin - Call Forwarding On Line


1. Log into the Admin Portal, navigate to the "Phones" tab, and select the intended phone. 

phones tab.PNG

2. Search for the desired phone. You can search by DN, phone number, MAC address, and username. After you select the phone, you'll want to click "Line Properties".
Find phone and line.PNG

3. Highlight the line you want to configure for Call Forwarding, and scroll down to option 2 "Line forwarding".

Line Forwarding.PNG
4. Enter the 4 digit extension or 10 digit number where you're wanting to forward your calls and click "save." (Forward All will forward all calls. Forward busy will forward calls when line is busy, Forward No Answer will forward if the call is not answered, Forward Not Registered will forward if the phone loses registration. You can click the Voicemail toggle if you'd like to to forward to voicemail for any of those options as well.)

NOTE: You will need to use the dial out prefix as well for 10 digit number.