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Cisco Connect Admin - Configure Voicecube Voicemail Group


  • Mpoc access to Admin Portal
  • Account must be enabled for Voicecube (groups work for both Cisco and Lync OUs)
  • account must be enabled for CTVMAIL.
  • One DID configured as a Primary Voicemail pilot number.
  • One DID required for each Voicemail Group


Create Voicemail Group

Select Groups Tab from the navigation menu

  1. Select Add:
  2. Complete form
  3. Group name (don’t enter the @ sign).
  4. Doman:select from drop down list
  5. Description:short description for the group.This will show in the To address in the Voicemail Email
  6. Vmail service:select DID for group
  7. Select ‘Save’.



Add Members

  1. Highlight the Group name in the Group list
  2. Select Group Members: .
  3. Drag group objects from the left to the right panel and select Save.
  4. Group members include:
  5. Groups:Other groups
  6. Contacts: Contacts for external email addresses configured under the OU Contacts Tab .
  7. Users:Users configured under the OU Users Tab .

Change Greeting

  1. Call the Primary Voicemail Pilot number.
  2. Enter the 4 digit mailbox associated with the Voicemail group
  3. Enter the Pin:9999
  4. System will say: ‘checking for new messages, I’m sorry, there was a problem accessing the account’ (This is expected, it is a group and there is no mailbox to log into). When message is complete,say change Greeting
  5. Follow the prompts to change the voicemail greeting for the group.
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