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Cisco Connect Admin - Holiday Script


Making a holiday schedule is easy and it’s the preferred way of setting a “closed” day for a company. Most companies have an afterhours Auto-Attendant script. And a common way to make a location run a closed script is simply to change that. But that is not the correct way to set it up as it may lead to problems in the future if that configuration is not undone.
The correct way of doing this is a Holiday Script. Here are the steps below.

Step 1:
Select the menu icon in the middle of the screen click on Auto Attendant and on the left, select Holiday Scheudle 

Step 2:
Select the plus sign to add a holiday

Step 3:
Fill in “Holiday Name” with something like “New years Day 16” and then populate the “Start Date” and “End Date”. Note that this works on a 24 hour clock. For example if you select 1/1/16 to 1/1/16 then it will being at 12:00AM of 1/1/16 and end at 12:00AM of 1/2/16. if you want to run a full day, select the same date for start and end. 

Step 4:
Once this is done you will see a new Holiday script under the script schedule, If you don’t you may need to refresh the page. It will have a drop down section for a script. Ideally they will already have an afterhours script you can use. Simply use the drops down menu to select the script and save your work.

That’s it! Now the Script will expire on its own and requires no further attention from the Tech. However, it is good practice to make sure the script you’re using reads as the client would like it to perform. Also testing your work is always recommended.

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