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Cisco Connect Admin - Text Message Alerts For Voicemail

Step 1: You will first need to find out from the user their Cell phone number and also their Cell phone provider. (AT&T, T-mobile, ect.)

Step 2: Open up the Admin Portal and browse to the "User's Tab" and then the User. 

Step 3: Browse to the "Voicemail Services". From the drop down list you will select "Locations".

Step 4: In the "Voicemail Locations" window you will Select "+". 

Step 5: Start by editing the "Name" of the location. The "Location Type" will need to be "Email".

Step 6: You will now enter the "Address". This is dependent upon the cell phone provider because the format for text to email is different with each. The major carriers are included below:

AT&T – 

Sprint – 

T-Mobile – 

Verizon – 

Cricket Wireless – 

Metro PCS – 

Step 7: The "Seconds to Ring"  can be set to the default "30" if not specified. 

Step 8: You can now click "Save" 

Step 9: You can now go back to the "Voicemail Services" Drop down menu and select "Profiles". 

Step 10: Highlight the "Default" profile name and hit "Set Profile"

Step 11: Then scroll down until you are in the "Remote Notification" section and select the "Voicemail Enabled" box.   You will then need to select the new "Voicemail Location" you just created from the drop down menu for "Location 1"

Step 12: Click "Save".

Step 13: You can now test with the user and confirm that they are receiving text message notifications when a Voicemail is left on their Cisco phone. 


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