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CallTower Solutions Center

Cisco Connect Admin - QOS Information Collection

A few examples of call quality or call Signaling issues can be as follows:

  • Intermittent Call Drops
  • Interference
  • Crosstalk, or hearing hold music playing while talking
  • One way audio (Intermittent or constant)
  • Choppy audio
  • Robotic/Chipmunk calls
Any additional information below can be useful but not required.
Collect the following information:
  1. Internet Connection type: (Managed circuit or customer provided)
  2. Originating number:
  3. Terminating number:
  4. Session ID:
  5. Date:
  6. Time:
  7. Time Zone:
  8. Is this call inbound or outbound:
  9. When did the Quality issues start:
  10. What type of Quality issue is being reported:
    • Dropped call
    • Interference
    • Crosstalk
    • One way audio
    • Etc.
  11. How many users are being impacted?
    • If not the entire site get a list of the users who are being impacted.
  12. If the customer is BYOB have the customer perform a VOIP test using the following link: