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Cisco Connect Admin - Find Dial Out Prefix


To make an outbound call on a Cisco hard phone, you must use a prefix to dial out. However, if the account is on HCS, no prefix is needed.

How To Check the Prefix

Once logged into CallTower Connect (, navigate the following in Connect: Menu/Administration/Corporate Administration/Cisco/Cisco Settings


The below screen will populate and show the prefix for the account.


The Dial-Out Prefix will have either an 8, 9, or None.

How To Dial-Out

On the Cisco hard phone, press the dial-out prefix, the number 1, and the number you are dialing. Below are some examples of the order to press on the phone.

Local / Non-Local Number:

9 + 1 + 2813308004 (Prefix of 9)

8 + 1 + 2813308004 (Prefix of 8)

2813308004 (No Prefix, HCS Customers Only)

International Number:

9 + 011 + Country Code + XXXXXXXXXX (Prefix of 9 / From the United State to out of country)

8 + 011 + Country Code + XXXXXXXXXX (Prefix of 8 / From the United State to out of country)

011 + XXXXXXXXXX (No Prefix, HCS Customers Only / From the United State to out of the country)

For more information about international dialing, refer to this Cisco – International Dialing article in UC Solutions.

Internal Number:

If dialing another employee within the company with a Cisco number, you may dial just their 4–7-digit extension on the phone to reach them.