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CT Text for Webex- Managing Compliance

Viewing Compliance

To view a compliance, go to the Compliance tab and select the compliance you would like to view, this will open up a side panel. The compliance can be viewed in full by selecting the Open button.

CT Admin Viewing a Compliance_.gif

Editing a Compliance

To edit a single Compliance, click on the Compliance to open the side panel and click Edit Compliance.

CT Admin Editing a Compliance.gif

Adding a Compliance

To add a new compliance to your company, click the Add new compliance button on the compliances tab, this will bring up the form to complete to add a new compliance. The mandatory fields are Compliance Name, Brand ID, and Assigned Numbers, however, there are other options to select.

CT Admin Adding a Compliance.gif

Deleting Compliances

To delete a compliance, select the compliance and click the ellipsis in the side panel and then the Delete compliance button.

CT Admin Deleting a Compliance.gif

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