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User Directory - 89XX Series

If you do not know the 4-digit extension of the person you would like to call, you may find them using the user directory. There are multiple ways to access the user directory.

Speak the Name Steps:

1. Open a line and press 0.

2. At the prompt, speak the name of the employee that you would like to call as it is listed in the user directory.

3. The system will then place the call.

Dial by Name Steps:

1. Press the Directory button on your phone. (The one with the ‘open book’ icon on it.)

2. Select the Corporate Directory option.

3. Using the keypad, enter the first and/or last name of the person you want to call.

4. Press the Submit softkey to receive the search results.

5. Use the up and down arrow key to highlight the desired user and then press the Dial softkey to place the call.

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