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Voicemail Access - 89XX Series

With CallTower, you have ‘unified communications". Unified communications means that you will receive an email with an .mp3 attachment with the recording of your voicemail. You can also access your voicemail via your phone.

Accessing Your Voicemail In Your Inbox Steps:

When a caller leaves you a voicemail, it is sent to you in email as an MP3 attachment.

From address may be another employee’s email address if he or she leaves you a voicemail. If a voicemail is left by an external number, the From address will have the following format: [10-digit number]

Subject line reads “Voice Message.”

Body includes the standard instructions on how to listen to the voicemail as well as the caller’s number given as the “Callback number.”

Attachment is the MP3 audio file with the voice message. You can listen to the message using any application that plays an MP3 audio file.

Transcription is a voice-to-text conversion of your attached voice message.

In addition to the added convenience of unified communications, your voicemails can be treated like any other email message with the ability to forward them to others (with written comments) and/or save them to email or file folders.

Prevent Voicemails from Going to Junk Folder Steps:

The first time you receive a voicemail in your Outlook email, it may end up in the Junk E-mail Folder. To avoid this from happening you should add the sender to the “Safe Senders List.” You will have to do this twice; once for voicemails coming from outside the corporate network ( and once for voicemails coming from inside the corporate network. Please refer to the directions below:

1. Open your Junk E-mail folder

2. Right-click on the voicemail message and scroll down to “Junk E-mail”

3. Place your mouse on the right arrow and select “Add Sender’s Domain ( to Safe Senders List. (Note: voicemail messages will come from both the “” and “” domains. These steps may need to be taken with each domain.)

Accessing Voicemail from Your Phone Setup:

The first time you access your voicemail, you may notice a long delay while the system caches information. After the system states, “Checking for new messages,” please wait up to 1 minute for the system to respond. If it doesn’t respond in that time, hang up and try again after a while. The delay will be gone the second time you access your voicemail.

You may also access voicemail from your phone. The red Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) light on your phone’s handset will be lit if you have new messages. To access your voicemail from your phone, follow these steps:

1. Press the Messages button

2. Enter your password. (Note the password is “9999” by default before you change it as instructed in the Basic Voicemail Setup section of this document. Also, if you are not at your desk and you need to access your voicemail, you may press the press the Messages button and then the star “*” key on any other CallTower phone. The system will then ask you for your mailbox number, which is your 4-digit extension. Then you will be prompted for your password.)

Additional Information:

  • The voicemail system responds to keypad and voice commands; the latter being the most preferred and convenient. If you leave a pause in giving the system a command, it will verbally list the commands for you to choose from. See the next page for a quick reference table of voice and key commands.

Accessing Voicemail from Other Phones Steps:

You may continue to access your voicemail from any phone not on the CallTower system.

1. From your home or cell phone, dial the back door number that was provided to you from CallTower.

2. When prompted for your mailbox number, enter your 4-digit extension.

3. Once you enter your mailbox number,use the same steps to access your voicemail as you do from your desk phone. You will be prompted for your password and then you can perform the same voicemail actions you use from your CallTower phone.

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