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Connect Admin - Send Welcome Email

What is a welcome email?

  •  An email with a link that will allow the end user to generate their own password. This can be used for when creating a new user or if an existing user forgot their password you can send them a welcome email.


Do I need to create a password?

  • No. Now that there is the welcome email setting a password is NOT mandatory, but you can still set one if you need to.


How it works

  • There's 2 ways to send a welcome email. On user creation and can do it with a bulk button.
  • Click Add user
    • When adding a new user you'll need to make sure the email address field is filled out and valid. 
    • You then need to check the "Send Welcome Email" box and after the user is created it will send that user an email.
  • At the user page click the "Bulk User Welcome Message" to the right of the add user button.
    • At this screen you can select 1 or more users and then press save.


Additional notes

  • This is a standard password reset. Any services that the end user has will also be reset. (except for Microsoft Teams) This means if the end user has CT Cloud Voice it is going to be resetting their password for that product as well as their login to Connect.



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