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CT Cloud Voice Non-Supported Devices

CT Cloud Voice Non-Supported Devices




CallTower will provide CT Cloud Voice SIP account(s) and the following information for devices that are NOT listed on the CT Cloud Voice Supported Devices list:

  • SIP username
  • SIP password
  • SIP domain/proxy/registrar
  • SIP protocol and port(s) required for successful registration


CallTower cannot provide ongoing support for any device that is not on the CT Cloud Voice Supported Devices list; this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Device losing registration
  • Calls dropping
  • Audio issues (one-way audio, poor call quality, etc)
  • Device feature(s) not working
  • Any other issue that may be outside of the SIP account and other SIP info listed above


Troubleshooting for non-supported devices is limited to validating correct SIP messaging or response from the CT Cloud Voice platform.  Once an issue has been determined to be caused by the behavior of a non-supported device,  the customer is responsible for pursuing resolution with their hardware vendor.


If additional information is required, please contact your CallTower Account Manager.

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