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CT Cloud Voice Admin - Configuring 911 Notification


CT Cloud Voice 911 Notification is managed through your Business Group (BG) Administrator portal, accessible at 

Configuring 911 Notification for CT Cloud Voice 

  1. Log into the BG Administrator Portal, then click on the Misc Settings button. 


  1. Click on the Call Notifications tab. 


  1. Click on the Add New button, then select the department you want to configure.  If you want to configure global notification for the entire organization, choose your company name from the drop down. 


  1. After choosing the entire organization or a specific department, existing notification contacts will be displayed.   

  • You can remove a contact by clicking on the X to the right of the contact.  

  1. To add a new contact, choose either the Email or Outdial tab below the department name.  

  1. Select the Name box and enter a meaningful name in the dialog box.   

  1. For email or SMS, enter the email address of the notification recipient.  For SMS, enter the text address as an email, typically  The recipient should contact their mobile provider for the correct domain name – for example for Verizon. 

  1. For phone call notification, enter the telephone number as it would be dialed on your CT Cloud Voice phone. 

  1. Click the Save button to apply changes. 



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