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OnDemand - Skype Enabled .csv files

This article provides technicians with instructions on creating a .csv file for accounts that require a .csv file for uploading Skype enabled credentials via the Office 365 admin portal.


A .csv file is what our Skype enabled customers use to upload On Demand credentials into O365 for voice integration with our On Demand service. This integration provides non-Skype participants with dial in access, as well as International Toll Free access to Skype meetings. This is for customers who purchase O365 directly from Microsoft and do not have the full voice licensing.

To create a .csv file for a new user refer to attachments on this page and choose the appropriate company. The columns that will need to be filled are as follows.

Column A: Username

Column E: Passcode

All other columns are prefilled and will not need to be changed. 

The username will always be the user's email/Skype username and the passcode will be what is titled as the passcode in the PGI results file; also known as the participant code.

The file must be saved in .csv format and provided to the requester upon completion of the new user request.

****If you receive a bulk user request you may use the .csv file for more than one user so that the administrator can complete a bulk upload of the new credentials into O365. 

Please see example below of what the file will look like once complete.



Example 1:

First example shows ...

Example 2:

Second example shows ...


Give some considerations such as system requirements or "gotchas" for this setting or control or programming syntax.

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