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OnDemand - Muting Participants


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Call Tower has many star commands that can be used to manage your calls. There are two options available to mute participants while in a live call.

Press *5 to mute all participants. After *5 is dialed an announcement will come on to let participants know their line has been muted, and that they can dial #6 to unmute themselves.

**This option will only mute participants who are on the call at the time that *5 is dialed.

Press #51 to mute all participants without the option to unmute, also known as lecture mode. #51 will turn lecture mode off.
Unless the host has used *5 or #51 to mute participants, participants are able to mute/unmute themselves anytime by dialing *6/*6.

Below are all of the star commands that can be used to manage your conferences.


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