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OnDemand - *0

This article provides technicians with a customer facing description of our 24/7 On Demand Support available through *0.


Call Tower offers 24/7 technical support that can be utilized by dialing *0 at any time during a conference. *0 is the best way to identify the root cause of any issue that is experienced while on a call. Our 24/7 tech support can be utilized by hosts and participants. Dialing *0 will immediately dial out to an operator. Once the operator has successfully connected, the participant that dialed *0 will be pulled into a subconference to discuss what assistance is needed. The subconference is separate from the main conference and is unheard by other participants, and will not disrupt the conference. Once the operator has gathered the needed information the participant will be released back into the main conference. For some issues we are unable to determine the root cause after the call has ended. It is always best to have an operator troubleshoot in real time. We understand that sometimes this is not a feasible option. In this case we ask that you submit a call example within 24 hours of the incident. The call example must be submitted within 24 hours of the incident as our carrier’s purge the call logs after that time. Below is the information required to submit the call example with our Tier2 tech support.


Client ID:


Number called:

Host Code Entered:

Participant Code entered:

Number two participants were calling from:


What was experienced (error message, dead air, etc.):




Example 1:

First example shows ...

Example 2:

Second example shows ...


Give some considerations such as system requirements or "gotchas" for this setting or control or programming syntax.