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InformaCast - Overview

InformaCast Fusion

InformaCast is a powerful mass notification system that reaches your people on both their mobile and on-premises devices. When you need everyone to receive a message very quickly, and you need it to grab their attention, InformaCast delivers attention-grabbing streaming audio to a wide variety of devices.

InformaCast Fusion is a hybrid-cloud-based mass notification system that reaches people via on-premises and mobile devices.

Ensure no one misses a message.

Whether someone is in your building or remote, you can make sure you reach as close to 100 percent of your intended audience as possible with notifications to on-premises and mobile devices. 

Bring together IP phones, IP speakers, desktop computers, digital signage, mobile devices, and more in a single interface to send text, audio, and images that let people know about potentially dangerous events.


Reach people on every channel

Send notifications to IP phones, IP speakers, desktop computers, digital signage, mobile devices, and more so no one misses a message.

With a streamlined setup process, you will be sending your first message in minutes

Utilize a single interface

Manage all devices and messages via a single interface and create easy-to-trigger messages with InformaCast Command Center.

Deploy for incident management

Manage incidents using the Incident Managementfeature or use InformaCast's integration with your existing collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Webex Messaging.

Leverage High Availability

Ensure critical messages reach the right people with the right information, no matter what happens with High Availability

Notifications with the push of a button

When an emergency occurs, you need to be able to alert everyone as quickly as possible. InformaCast Fusion provides organizations with a wide range of ways to trigger alerts that reach everyone.

Virtual or physical panic buttons, speed dials, computer keyboard shortcuts, Internet of Things devices, and the InformaCast Mobile app enable people within your organization to easily alert people of an incident the moment they see something occur. The sooner an alert goes out, the faster your people can get out of harm’s way

Collaborate an effective and efficient response to emergencies

Following a notification distribution, InformaCast Fusion can ask people to respond to help administrators know if they are safe or need assistance. Key stakeholders can also manage incidents using InformaCast's Incident Management or join a virtual collaboration space via Microsoft Teams, Webex Messaging, or a conference call to assess the situation and help resolve it.

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