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CT Cloud Fax - Legacy Interfax

There are 2 applications utilized for CTFax Complete: End User’s Email Application and User Portal.

Sending Faxes Via email 

To send an eFax using email, just type into the “To” field:

  1. 1(10 digit phone number you want to fax to)


Note: You will need to add authorized users under Preferences >> Outgoing in the user portal.
Once added the user@domain user will be able to send outbound faxes from their email address. 


User Portal Settings

  • To login to the User Portal:

rtaImage (1).png

  •  To change your password:
    • Click on “PREFERENCES”
    • Click on “Change” under “General”
  • Once the new screen appears, enter your “Old”, ”New”, “Confirm”, then “Save new password”.
  • To send an eFax:
    • Click on “SEND FAX”
    • Enter the 10 digit fax number you want to send to in the “FaxNumber” field and click “Add”.  This will load the number into the “Recipients” box. 
      • Hint: You may add multiple numbers
    • There are 2 options to send an eFax; Attachment or Message.  You may choose one or the other, but not both.
      • Attachment:  Click “Upload a file to be faxed” and choose a local file.
      • Message:  Click the check box “Add the following text as a first page”, then type you message.
      • Click “Submit”:

rtaImage (4).png

  • To add additional incoming eFax Complete recipients:
    • Click on “PREFERENCES”
    • Click on “Change” under “Fax Reception”

rtaImage (5).png

  •   Enter the desired email address in the “Address to add” field, then click “Add”
    • Hint:  No need to click “Update”

rtaImage (7).png

  •  To view emails you’ve sent:
    • Click on “FAX QUEUES”
    • Click on “Outbound Queue” 

rtaImage (8).png

  •  To view emails you’ve sent:
    • Click on “FAX QUEUES”
    • Click on “Outbound Queue

rtaImage (9).png

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