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Zoom Admin - Upload/Release Numbers

Getting started

  • Click the hamburger menu on the top left and navigate to Locations
    • clipboard_e105d7219c431f583044ea801a371af48.png
    • Click the location and you'll see all your numbers listed.


Navigating numbers


  • The picture above shows a few numbers we have under a location. The numbers with a red lock means they have been uploaded.
  • Numbers that have an open lock are available numbers that you can then upload to Zoom.


Upload numbers

  • Under the Location name select DIDs > Zoom Upload DID's
  • clipboard_e269dd0e22b7e81a78b0f898ce6740c7d.png
  • You'll now see a list of all the numbers you can upload to Zoom. Either select individually or press the top box to select them all. Then press upload.


Release Numbers

  • Releasing numbers is just like upload, except you need to click on the Release DID's section.
    • Please Note - Only numbers that are available in the Zoom portal can be released. If a number is currently assigned to a user/phone you will get an error.



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