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Skype - Options for Response Groups

Explore the required information for a Skype Response Group. 

Summary: This document will provide information on required information for setting up hunt groups.

Goal: To be able to have all the required information needed to build a Skype hunt group

Required Info

Step by step consideration. The more accurate and complete a request, the faster a request can be completed.

  • Assigned Phone Number (This is an available number that is the direct call number for the group.)
  • Hours of operation (M-F, Closed Sat and Sunday. 8:00AM to 6:30PM MST)
  • What happens when After hours? For example: Play Out of Office Message (OutofOffice.wav). Include audio if possible.
  • Observed Holidays (July 4th, Christmas Break(12/24-12/26))
  • What happens when Observing Holidays? For example: Forward to John Doe's Voicemail,
  • List of Users answering Response Group. (Full Name and
  • What happens if no one answers/Too many calls are queued? (Include Full Number, Username, or instructions) For example: If not answered please link back to my Main Auto Attendant at

Next, we will discuss behaviors.

  • You can have a response group ring anywhere from 10 seconds to 180 seconds. A full ring cycle is about 5-6 seconds, this includes a ring noise and silence. What is your preference?
  • How will members sign in? Formal or Informal(More detail below)
  • How group members answer the phone? Attendant, Round Robin, Parallel, Serial, Longest Idle(More detail below)
  • How many Calls is too many at a time? 

Sign in Types

  • Informal - This is the recommended and most commonly used method. This means as long as the user in logged into their Skype for Business client. They will be ready to take calls. 
  • Formal - This means you have to manually sign into the response group before the user will be able to take calls. This is less popular because of the extra required step. It is also easier for a member who isn't taking calls to just change their Skype for Business status, or ignore the incoming call. This is why Informal tends to be the recommended method.

When referring to routing methods, we mean what answering policy would you like to set. 

Routing Methods

  • Attendant - Everyone's Skype will be notified regardless of Presence status.
  • Round Robin - Offers new calls to each Available agent in turn.
  • Parallel - Works like Attendant, but agent must be Available Status to be notified. 
  • Serial - Offers new calls to agents in the order they are listed.
  • Longest Idle - Offers new calls to agents with the longest Available or Inactive Status in Skype for Business.

Last Step

Consider any additional information that might be of help. Letting us know a preference that is not listed might be something that can be configured. Such as adding additional groups that ring in order based on the users group or a custom Ringer/Music? For additional questions please feel free to reach out to support.


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