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Approving the Use of Your Domain in Security Certificate

To enable access to hosted Skype4B, your domain must be added to the hosted platform’s TLS security certificate. Specifically, a subdomain named (where your domain is is added which matches one of the DNS record changes you’ll be making during onboarding.

For security reasons, you must approve the use of your domain in the security certificate. Your Project Manager will inform you of the timing of this change. Once complete, an email from Digicert will be sent to every email address listed in the WHOIS data for the domain (including any administrative, technical and registration contacts) as well as to,, and The email will ask you to authorize the use of your domain in the security certificate. Though the email is sent to multiple email addresses, it need only be acted upon once.

The email will contain a link to a secure website where you will be asked to enter your name and select an approval option. Any of the options will work but we suggest you select ‘I approve all future orders’ – this will prevent you from ever having to re-approve the use of your domain when the security certificate expires.

Please note that if you have enabled private registration of your domain to hide the public details of your ownership of the domain, this will have to be temporarily disabled so that a WHOIS lookup for your domain returns legitimate information.

Please test your ability to receive emails to the WHOIS contact email address in advance so that you are sure to receive the request to approve the security certificate.

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