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VVX: Set time manually by overriding DHCP and SNTP server

  1. On the phone, press the home button 
  2. Press settings 
  3. Press Status
  4. Press Network
  5. Press TCP/IP Parameters
  6. Make note of the IPv4 Address
  7. Open a new tab on your internet Browser
  8. Enter the IPv4 address into the address field
  9. Select Login As Admin 
  10. Enter admin password 654 (if that does not work, try: 456) 
  11. Hover over "preferences" then select "date and time" 
  12. Expand the section labeled "Time Synchronization" 
  13. Select yes for the option "Override DHCP's SNTP Server" 
  14. Select yes for the option "Override DHCP's Time Zone" 
  15. Select your time zone in the time zone field 
  16. Click save at the bottom of the screen 
  17. Hover over the "Utilities" option at the top, then click "reboot phone" in the drop down.