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MAC Skype4B Quick Start Guide

MAC Skype4B Quick Start Guide


Update your Status and Presence:

1. Select your name 

2. Change your presence from the drop down menu

3. Change your status by double clicking on the status box. 

status and precense.jpg


To view past chats:

1. Select "Chats"

2. On the left side you will see a list of all past and present chats

NOTE: you can also view past chats in your outlook under the "conversation history" folder


Joining a Meeting from the Skype4B Client:

1. Select the "Meetings" icon

2. Select your meeting 

3. Select "Join"

join meeting.jpg


1. select the "Calls" icon

2. This will show you your "All" calls, "Missed" calls and "voicemail"

3. You are also able to dial out from the dial pad here



To communicate and collaborate with a contact:

1. Select "Contacts" 

2. Select the name of the person you wish to communicate with with. You can also do a search at the top of the section for your contact

3. Right click on the contact and you can do the following:

  • Send an IM
  • Start a Video Call
  • Send and Email
  • Schedule a meeting

4. Once you select a contact you can also see their contact card, you and also communicate and collaborate with the contact from there too.



Add a person to chat:

1. create a chat and then select the "Add: icon on the upper right hand corner

add to chat.jpg

2. Search for the contact you would like to add to the chat

3. Select the contact. The contact will get an alert letting them know you would like to add them to the chat add chat 2.jpg

Call Forwarding and Simultaneously ring:

  1. Select Skype for Business
  2. Select Preferences


3. Select "Calls"

4. Select "Turn on call forwarding" 


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