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My Information Panel

The “My Information Area” shows information and gives control over the current user logged into Skype for Business. This includes

  1. Displaying the user photo and presence
  2. Displays the user name and allows changing who the user is impersonating/calling as
  3. Ability to change presence
  4. Ability to change the current user note


  1. My Phone & Presence: Shows the current users' presence and note and lets these settings be changed.

  2. Username (Call As): The user name is a drop down that allows you to change who you are calling out as. (This could be another user you are a delegate for, an anonymous response group or yourself) By default your “Call As” identity will be set back to yourself after one call, but this can be changed in Options. 2017-10-09_10-40-38.jpg

  3. My Presence: You can set your presence.


4. My Note: You can set the note others see.


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