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MS Skype - Landis Implementation Process

If customer has 30 day trial, during implementation, the IPM needs to fill out the order form example below:

Attendant Pro Order Form.pdf



Installing Attendant Pro is probably the easiest thing you will do during a Skype for Business deployment as it is literally just a 1 minute task!

NOTE: Before you start, make sure that Skype for Business is installed, running and logged in. The Attendant Pro requires that Skype for Business is running.

Now browse to:

Click on "Install"

landis 1.jpg

Click "Run"


If you see the below "Application Install" window, click "Install" (otherwise this will be automatic)


Installation will just take a moment and will indicate Progress


Once the install is complete, there will be a shortcut on your desktop and Attendant Pro will run.

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