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SIP - Sending a SIP Trunk to Billing


To understand how to properly send a newly-created SIP Trunk to billing.



Once the SIP Trunk is built, the details must be sent to billing. If you are working off of a project in Salesforce you can choose Create Cases to choose the Template titled Charge Number. If you are submitting a case outside of a Project please ensure the Case Disposition fields outlined in this article are correct in the case that you create and submit.  Please ensure that your case is tied to the correct account; otherwise, the wrong customer will be billed for usage on this trunk.

Once you have completed creating the new SIP Trunk in Connect, highlight the trunk and click on SIP Properties using the hamburger options on the left. From the SIP Properties page, you will fill out the case with the Trunk Number and Charge number shown and specify the date it was created.


Annotation 2019-12-13 110027.png

Once the case is dispositioned and filled out, you will click save, and change the case Owner to the billing queue.