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MS Teams - Call Park


Provide instruction on how to park a call in Teams

Park a call:

Call Park placed the call in a virtual parking lot. The caller is hearing hold music, and your line is freed up. The caller will stay on hold for 5 minues and if they call has not been picked up, it will bounce back to you. If you park the call again, you will get a new code.

Park a call: 

  1. When on a call, select the three dots "..." and then select "Call Park"
  2. The call will be placed on hold and provide you with a code
  3. The code you will send to the person that needs to pick up the call 

Pick up a call on Park: 

  1. Go to your calls icon
  2. Under the dial pad you will see a "Parked Calls" button.
  3. Enter the code
  4. The call will then be connected to you..

Note: If you don't see any options for call parking in your settings, talk to your IT Admin.

For more information, click on the link below:

Park a call in Teams

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