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MS Teams GCC High - PSTN Routing and Redundancy

CallTower’s approach to PSTN call routing involves the use of dynamic alternative routing. It makes use of the distributed nature of CallTower’s robust telecommunications network and its inherent randomness to dynamically determine optimal routing paths. This method generates a distributed, random, parallel voice switching platform that minimizes congestion across our network and data centers and is able to adapt to take changing traffic patterns and demands into account. Penetration tests do not apply to dynamic voice platforms or PSTN networks.


CallTower has seven locations located across the United States where we have a presence for routing and processing of PSTN calls. Three of these locations contain computing resources used for the hosted voice switching platforms that service CallTower customers.  The SOC reports provided are for these locations. Flexential – Salt Lake City, UT; ColoATL – Atlanta, GA; ServerCentral – Chicago, IL. CallTower utitilizes industry leading voice switching platforms and implements all system and security design needs as defined by the vendors and PSTN Carriers.


As a provider of real-time communication services, CallTower utilizes these multiple data centers and locations across the US for the hosting of our communication platforms and voice networks. These communication platforms and networks are ‘always on’ and are redundant across the different sites. These sites are always in an active state and processing daily communications. As needs arise, CallTower is able to dynamically reroute traffic across these different sites to overcome carrier or network issues. Dynamic failover between sites is tested during monthly maintenance windows.

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