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MS Teams GCC High - Enabling Services for Users

How PM's can enable Microsoft GCC services for customers and their users.

Enabling Microsoft Teams GCC at customer level

  1. Microsoft GCC is it's own service and a customer will either have Teams or they will have Microsoft GCC High as a service in Connect.
  2. Just enable the Microsoft GCC High, No Account and/or Account Provided. 
  3. If service is Account Provided you still have Teams Settings page in order to enter in the admin Username/Password


Enabling Microsoft Teams GCC at user level

  1. Click the user, then select Microsoft GCC and select a DID.


Migrating Microsoft Teams to Microsoft GCC

There's 2 ways you can do this inside of Connect

Option A:

  1. Remove all Teams services from users in Connect, then change service at Customer level over to Microsoft GCC High and then enable new services on users.

Option B:

  1. Change service at Customer level over to Microsoft GCC High then change over every users service over to Microsoft GCC High from Teams.
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