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Microsoft Teams - User Dial Pad Missing

Dial Pad Missing in Microsoft Teams 


This document will provide solutions to common issues for a user missing their dial pad in Microsoft Teams. 



Step 1

In CallTower Connect, verify whether the user has a Teams DID assigned. 

a. In Connect, go to Menu > Users and see if the user having the issue has been assigned a phone number or not; if they do not have one, assign one via these steps: Microsoft Teams - Adding a New User in CallTower Connect - CallTower Solutions Center ( 

b. If the user does have a phone number assigned, remove and re-add their Teams services and Teams Phone #. If this comes back with an error message regarding the user’s licensing, proceed to Step 2. If no error is seen in connect and you receive the below banner, test call the number (you may need to wait several minutes in Connect before the below banner will appear).  
If the call does not reach the intended user, please open a ticket with support via email at or call (800) 347-5444 

 i. To remove a user's services, Select the user and select “User Settings” from the drop down select “Manage Services” 


Find the “Direct Routing Teams - Expand to Select” and select the drop-down arrow. Uncheck all Direct routing Teams Services, then click “Save”. 


Note: Microsoft can take up to 24 hours to properly provision assigned Teams Enterprise Voice services. Keep this in mind if the user was just created. 


Step 2   

Confirm user is licensed correctly in O365 

a. Navigate to (O365 Admin Center) and confirm the user’s licensing. If they do not have the appropriate licensing, assign it to the user. 

b. For required licensing, users need to have the following as either standalone licenses or apps that are part of their assigned license suites: 

i. Microsoft Teams Phone Standard (This may appear as “Microsoft O365 Phone System” if it is the legacy Phone Standard license as part of a license suite such as Microsoft / Office E5) 

ii.      Microsoft Teams 

iii.      Skype for Business Online (Plan 2) 


Step 3

Lastly, we can try removing the Microsoft Teams Phone Standard licensing or Microsoft 365 Phone System application from the user and re-assigning it. 

a. Unassign DID from the user in Connect. This step must be performed first BEFORE proceeding with deleting or removing licensing from the user in O365; otherwise, the number may potentially become “stuck” to the user in O365 / Teams and will need to be removed via PowerShell. 
b. Sign in to Navigate to “Users” > “Manage Users” 


c. Find the affected user and select them. From the pop-out window on the right-hand side select the “Licenses and apps” tab. Scroll down to find either “Teams Phone Standard” or “Microsoft/Office 365 E5” 


i. If the user is assigned a Teams Phone Standard licenses uncheck the box and save. Wait 30 minutes and reassign the licenses to the user. 

ii. If the user is assigned an E5 license scroll down to apps at the bottom of the page and select the drop-down arrow 


Scroll down to Microsoft 365 Phone System and uncheck the box. Save and wait 30 minutes before reapplying the app to the user. 

iii. Re-assign DID to the user. Microsoft Teams - Adding a New User in CallTower Connect - CallTower Solutions Center ( 


Still having issues?

If you are still having issues. Reach out to CallTower Support for assistance at support@calltower.comor by phone at (800) 347-5444 



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