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MS Copilot - What Is A Prompt

What Is A Prompt?

  • A prompt is the question or instruction you enter in the text box. This is what Copilot will respond to. 
  • Use natural language. Don’t feel like you need to break your idea or question down into keywords. 
  • Classic search is about keywords to get a list of sources. Chat is about using detailed questions or statements to generate a custom response for you.


What Makes An Effective Prompt?


  • Specific and detailed

  • In full sentences, with instructions

  • States the tone, purpose, preferred format, etc.

Example: Recap the findings of the article I've copied below and include the top 3 concerns. Provide the answer in two to three paragraphs and use a business tone.

Less Effective:

  • Vague 
  • Just a few words 
  • No context on the preferred output

Example: Recap article.

The recap may be more vague than desired or in a format that you were not seeking.

But there is no "wrong" prompt because natural, conversational language is welcome. Experiment away!


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