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Microsoft Outlook Copilot Features

Copilot can help you get a jumpstart on finding information, analyzing data, and creating new content.Copiot can help optimize your workflow by:

  • Generate full emails
  • Generate subject lines, greetings, signatures, and more
  • Communicate better and faster in Outlook
  • Schedule meetings, reply to emails, or follow up on tasks
  • Summarize long email threads



Examples of how to summarize content:

1.Enter this phrase, “Summarize this content in 3 bullet points:” into the text box

2.Select any company content that’s at least a few paragraphs long like a blog post, section of a report or document, etc. 

3.Copy and paste that content into the text box at the bottom. This is now part of your prompt

4.Next, try creating some content based on Step 1. Enter in the text box, “Create an email that explains the content I provided as a casual email to a colleague

To test out what MS Copilot can do, visit the co-pilot lab - Copilot Lab (

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