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How To: Print Inventory Labels - Logistics

Print QR Labels Report

Open the Print QR Labels report - this is located under the Fixed Asset Reports folder.

When this report is initially opened, if there are fixed assets showing, that means these assets are not assigned anywhere. To create inventory labels for equipment, you will need either the MAC or SN of the equipment. Click on the customize button to get started.


In order to show the inventory you need, select the Edit button, and change the drop down from Assigned Name to either MAC or SN, and enter the appropriate value. If you want to pull up multiple items, add all the MACs or SNs you need separated by a comma. When you are ready, click Run Report at the top.



Click export details, then export on the next window.



Click the excel report, and select yes to trust the file source and open the document. The document will look like this.



Delete all rows that do not contain column A starting with https://calltower-- until your result looks like this.



Save the result with a recognizable name such as "Labels" and close Excel.


P-Touch Editor

Open the P-Touch Editor Program, and open file QR Labels - Serial. Upon opening the file, the main portion of the program will look like this. Don't worry that there is an existing MAC and SN - this will be updated in the next steps.



You will need to change the label to reflect below. Make sure you change the size to 2.25" x 1.25.



When you have reached this point, select File > Database > Connect. Select Browse, the find the excel file you previously saved. Select Next, then Next, then the following will open up in a new window.



Change the drop down menus to reflect the following:



Click OK, then go to the print menu. Highlight "All Records" rather than "Current Record", and click print.

The very last step, is to disconnect the database. Go to File > Database > Disconnect. You're done!

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