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International Shipments

International Shipping

When shipping internationally, the Country/Territory field highlighted in blue needs to be changed to the appropriate country. The UPS interface will update to include international information used for customs.

Note:  Not all countries use postal codes. Mexico and China are a few examples. As long as there is a date located under the "UPS Service" and the grayed "Saturday Delivery" box, the shipment should reach the intended location.

Note: Shipping internationally with varying UPS services (Worldwide Express, Worldwide Saver, Standard) may require different legal documents signed or legal services provided by UPS. For legal signatures, Bret England is the authorized signer for CallTower.

Note: YOU MUST CHANGE BILL DUTY AND TAX TO SHIPPER. If this is not done UPS will attempt to collect these charges from the customer at time of delivery. Package will likely be refused.

The required information for international shipping is all highlighted in blue. The additional required information for shipping is the General Description of Goods and customs documentation. An example of a filled customs documentation is below.

Customs Documentation


Make sure you have a Description of Good, the quantity under Units, and the Unit Price. Unit price can be obtained from Heather or Martin. Check that the "Create an Invoice" box is checked and then the shipment can be processed. In addition to the shipping label being printed out, there will be a customs document printed out. This will need to be signed and dated, and attached to the box with a see through packing slip.


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