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Unprovisioned Emergency Call Center (ECC) Calls

Defined as a call from a number associated with your account that routes to the Emergency Call Center (ECC) service without a subscriber or address information provisioned. These calls are subject to penalty fees but can be avoided by ensuring a few things.

  1. Be sure to set up any calling line ID number you plan to use before porting or at the time of purchasing new numbers.
  2. If you receive a notice that one of these calls occurred, then follow the instructions that are provided by Calltower support.
  • Place an order to have the offending number provisioned in the E911 database.
  • Make any necessary changes to your phone system to only send numbers that are already provisioned when calling 911

As part of maintaining the nationwide E9-1-1 system, it is critical that these calls are provisioned correctly. These numbers are highly recommended to be provisioned with the correct subscriber and valid address information before going live.

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