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Billing - Read Your CallTower Invoice

How to Read Your CallTower Invoice

The first page of your CallTower invoice has the Remit to information as well as a summary of charges for the invoice month.

Remit to information includes the current charges as well as the total amount due on the account.


The next section of the invoice is the Summary of the account, and it provides the amount of the payments paid along with the previous balance. The summary also includes a breakdown of the new charges due including any credits. The total of the new charges is the new charges less any credits on this invoice. The total amount due includes all new charges along with any balance forward amounts.



The final information on page one of the invoice is the CallTower contact information. This gives you ways to contact billing and customer service along with the web address for the online billing portal BillCenter.



Page 2 of the invoice includes the payments that have been received against the account as well as any late fees or credits associated with the overall corporate account. The other item on the page is the Master Account Summary. The Master Account Summary includes a list of all of the Child/Location accounts with a summary of charges for the bill cycle.



The following pages of the invoice include the details for each of the Child/Location accounts. This will include the account number, the specific invoice number for the location, and a total amount of the invoice. The detail will include all recurring, nonrecurring, and usage charges as well as taxes for the billing period.



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