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Serenova Post Call Survey

This Article will describe the process to create a Post Call Customer Satisfaction Survey in the Serenova Platform.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys are a special kind of IVR designed to get a caller's input without involving an Agent. Typically, surveys are played after the Agent hangs up and are used to evaluate the caller's satisfaction with their call experience, although they could be used for any other purpose supported by the survey system.

Surveys can be defined for any Contact Center Campaign.

At this point post call surveys are unavailable if you have callback with voicemail enabled in the call flow. The post call surveys will work for callers that remain in the queue, however if the caller accept a callback they will not be offered the survey after the agent calls them back.

Configuration Steps

Step 1.  Create audio prompts to be used in the Survey

You will need to record a set of custom prompt that will be used to play the survey questions to the caller.

Questions may look similar to the following samples:

  • "On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the agent's ability to solve your problem?"
  • "On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your overall experience with our company?"
  • "At the tone, please record a short voice message providing open feedback on your experience today."

Within the Serenova Administrative Web Portal, navigate to “Configure > Call Assets > Audio Library”.


We recommend you create a new audio catalog (the equivalent of a “storage folder” for your message prompts) to hold the new recordings. We called our catalog “SurveyQuestions”.

Use the “Add Audio File” feature to record or upload your messages. You should end up with an audio catalogu that looks something like the image below.


Step 2.  Create the Survey

Next, you need to create the Survey.

Within the Serenova Administrative Web Portal, navigate to “Configure > Call Assets > Surveys”.


Create a new survey by clicking on the “Add Survey” button.


Start building your survey by entering a name and selecting the proper client and clicking the "Save Changes" button.

You will then be able to configure the survey prompts and additional details.


Step 3.  Configure the Survey

Now that you have created the Survey, you will need to configure the survey prompts by clicking on the "Survey Prompts" tab then "Add New Prompt".


Use the drop down to filter the prompts by type and select the audio catalog with your survey questions. Select the prompts for your survey by clicking the "Select Prompt" link.


Note: Serenova provides a set of default survey system prompts that can be used with your survey.  System prompts are instructions or error messages that ensure the caller enters valid responses. Keep in mind that in order for the survey to sound natural, you may want to re-record the system prompts so that the voice used in the system prompts matches the voice used for the survey prompts. The suggested system prompts are provided as a guideline for selecting a prompt that matches the situation.

Next, you will need to select the response type for each question by clicking on "Edit Response."


You will be presented with a pop-up window where you can select the response type that is appropriate for the question.   Some Survey prompts will not require a response as they are informational prompts only; like a welcome message or instructions. 


Once you have completed the survey configuration you will need to set the status to "Active" and save the changes so that it can be used in a Campaign.


Step 4.  Test the Survey

Now that you have a completed survey you will need to test it out.

Within the Serenova Administrative Web Portal, navigate to “Configure > Call Assets > Surveys”.

Locate the survey you want to test and select the "Edit Survey" link.


Click the "Test Survey" button at the bottom of the Survey Edit page.


Enter the phone number on which you wish to be called and select "Place Test Call". Your phone will ring and you will hear your survey and be able to interact with it as if you were an actual caller.


Step 5.  Adding the Survey to a Call Flow

Within the Serenova Administrative Web Portal, navigate to “Routing > Call Flows”.


Locate the call flow you want to add the survey to and click the Edit link for the Call Flow.


Select the tab for the "Arrival" phase.  In our example we will add the Post Call Survey within the "Menu" object.  Click the  + sign next to the Menu to expand it.


Select "Audio" under Call Actions and locate the "Offer Post Call Survey" module.  Drag the "Offer Post Call Survey" module into the menu.


Within the "Offer Post Call Survey" Module, configure the "Invitation Audio" prompt and select the survey that will be presented to the caller.   You may need to create a new Invitation Audio prompt for the survey if one does not already exist.


Save your changes and, if necessary, check in your call flow and promote the new call flow version to the production version.



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