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How to make an Outbound call from the Engage Panel.

Step 1: Click the Phone ICON to open up the “Phone Panel”. Also remember you will need to have had a call, and use that tab to make an outbound call, or the phone icon will be greyed out.

Step 2:  Select the “Campaign” as Outbound.  To do this you may need to search nothing for the campaign options to appear; the option for “Outbound” will appear as the arrow below indicates.  You select that and it will show up as your Campaign.

Step 3:  Select “Select Customer” and enter your 10 digit number you wish to call.  If this is an international number you would select where the Flag is and choose where you call will be directed.  After the number is entered you hit the “Call” button.  Once the call button is pushed it will then call your desk phone and display the call coming form 408-844-2400.  You will pick up and it will then start ringing to the number you entered.

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