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How to: Internationally dial


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International dialing
Updated: 06/21/2016


  1. Complete phone number you are dialing, including country code

International dialing from a Cisco phone

  1. Start a new call
  2. Enter your dial out prefix
  3. Enter the international dial out prefix for your country
  4. Enter the country code and phone number you would like to dial
  5. e.g. dialing out from CT in the US to Tokoyo Disney 8 011 81 453305211

Interntional dialing from Lync/S4B or Mobile phone

  1. See International dialing from a Cisco phone steps 3-4
  2. e.g. US to Disneyland Paris 011 33 825300500

Additional resource(s)
Click here for an international dialing assistance website

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