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Clarity Connect User - Gathering Dashboard Logs

Required logs will depend on your answering method

If your agents answer calls via Skype for Business please gather Both the Clarity Logs below and the Skype Logs.

If your agents answer using the Clarity Dashboard, please continue with the directions below. 

How to gather Clarity dashboard logs


1. Open the Dashboard and log in as an Agent with Skype for Business.

2. Navigate to the profile by clicking on the logged in agent in the upper right part of the screen.


3. Ensure the logging button (located directly to the right of the info/help link in the upper left part of the screen) is visible and looks like figure 1, where the logging button is grey.


figure 1 - logging toggled off


4. Click the logging button.

5. Ensure the logging button is visible and looks like figure 2, where the logging button is green.


figure 2 - logging toggled on


6. When the button is in this state, the Dashboard will start caching logging data for the Skype Web SDK and Connect console logs.

7. Once the issue has been reproduced, click the logging button.

8. Two download prompts will appear in the browser (one on top of the other, or potentially one behind the other): one for the Skype Web SDK logs and one for the Clarity Connect console logs. The filenames should start with "DashboardLogs" and "SkypeLogs". Save each of the files to a familiar location on your PC. 


(Note: the order of the prompts may not be guaranteed and you may need to click the green logging button a second time to download the second set of logs.) 


Figure 3 and 4 shows the prompts.


Figure 3 - DashboardLogs.log


Figure 4 - Skypelogs.log



9. Open DashboardLogs and SkypeLogs files and ensure it is populated with log items.

10. Send the logs to your support representative for further analysis.

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