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Clarity Connect User - Acronyms

Acronyms for Clarity Connect Dashboard

Dashboard: Completely web base and gives you access to real-time performance data. 

ASA: Average speed of answer-Shows the average time for which communications wait in queue before being answered by an agent

ABA: Abandon Rate-Shows the percentage of communication that have been abandoned while in queue

SL: Service Level

TOT: Total Conversation-the total number of calls, chats or other communications that have come through Clarity Connect during that day

LAA: Longest Available Agent-If any agents are currently available, this show the longest time for which any agent has waited for a call. 

Depth: Number of calls in queue divided by number of agents

RONA: Ring on no answer

Silent: Supervisor/Manager can hear the conversation, no one knows he's there and if he talks, no one will hear

Whisper: Supervisor/Manager can coach the agent. The caller will not hear him talking. After joining through Whisper, the supervisor/manager will be presented with a "Barge" button, in case they want to jump in and take the call

Barge: presented to supervisor/manager after they have "Whisper" joined.

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