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Clarity Connect User - 5.0 Handling Calls


Provide instruction on how to handle calls in Clarity Connect 4.1


The preferred internet browser is Edge. When using clarity connect, make sure to use Edge. 


For greater detail on the subject click here to be directed to Clarity Connect's documentation on the subject.

How to accept Clarity Connect Calls: 

Once logged into Clarity Connect, select "DASHBOARD"


On the upper right hand corner of your dashboard, you will see your name, click there to change your presence to "Available" 


In order to accept calls, your presence must be set to "Available"


Once your presence is set, you can close the box.



When a call comes in: 

When a Clarity Connect call comes in, you will see a box on the lower left side of the dashboard. You can accept the call or ignore it. If you ignore the call, you will be placed in a RONA (Ring On No Answer) status and will have to change your presence back to "Available"


The Agent Console will load in the dashboard:


  1. Call Duration: This shows how long the call has been active
  2. Session Duration: This shows how long the calls as been active from when they first call in. 
  3. Hold: This allows you to place the call on hold
  4. Mute: This allows you to mute your mic
  5. Transfer: This allows you to transfer the call to either a contact or a queue
  6. End Call: Here is where you will end the call
  7. Dispositions: Here is where you can set your disposition and sub-disposition 
  8. Customer History: This will show if the customer has called before. This will only display 3 conversations at a time. To view more, select "older"
  9. Session History: This will show where the customer was before it reached you. This will show 3 details, if you want to view more, select "see more"
  10. Notes: You can add notes for this call


Transferring a call:

To transfer a call, select the transfer button

The transfer menu will display:


  1. Search: You can search for a contact configured in Clarity Connect or you can search for a queue
  2. Transfer: Select this button when you want direct transfer the call to the contact
  3. Voicemail: Select this button when you want to transfer the call the contact's voicemail
  4. Invite: This allows you to invite the contact to your call
  5. Consult: This allows you to consult with the contact before completing the transfer
  6. Pin: If there is a contact or queue that you use often, you can pin the contact or queue for a quicker transfer


Ending the Call

To end the call, select the "disconnect" button. You will then be placed in after call mode: 2017-09-12_13-46-25.jpg


  1. Dispositions: Here is where you can set your disposition and sub-disposition 
  2. After call timer: This is how much time you have until you become available again
  3. Check mark: If you complete your notes and dispositions before the allowed time, you can select the check mark and the system will place you back to "Available" 
  4. Hour glass: If you need more time to complete notes and dispositions, you can select the hour glass to give you more time. 
  5. Notes: Add any necessary notes. 

For more information on the agent console, click here.





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