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Clarity Connect Federated - Caveats

The following are the product caveats which differ to the traditional Clarity offering:

Due to federation limitations, any feature which will update the S4B client with a custom presence state will not function as usual. This will affect the following areas:

  1. Custom statuses and Reason Codes will not be available. Limitations in Skype for Business prevent Clarity Connect from publishing presence for Federated agents. Agents are able to track Reason Codes manually, by updating their Unavailable time from the Clarity Connect Admin Console > Agent Console > Review reason codes page.

  2. Custom Available presence state will not be possible

  3. Custom presence state for RONA status will not be possible

  4. Proxy direct call will not be available.  The restrictions prevent Clarity from identifying if an agent is in a direct call. For that reason, Direct Inbound and Direct Outbound calls will not be captured in Clarity, implying the following: 

  • No Direct Call Recordings in Clarity
  • Direct Calls do not appear in Clarity Reports 
  • Supervisors are not able to Silent / Whisper Join or have Barge In capabilities for this session type
  1. Agent rescue functionality is not available as it would require Clarity to modify agent presence

  2. Received calls from contacts will be shown as SIP addresses, not display names.