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Clarity Connet Admin - Gather Fiddler Logs

How to gather Fiddler logs

1.   Download and Install Fiddler.

2.   Start Fiddler.

3.   Navigate to Edit > Fiddler Options.

4.   Configure HTTPS settings like the image below and ensure the following is enabled:

•             Capture HTTPS CONNECTs

•             Decrypt HTTPS trafic

•             Ignore server certificate errors


5.   Click OK to save the changes.

6.   Press the Browse button to open a page in Internet Explorer.


7.   Once the browser has opened, Fiddler immediately starts capturing web traffic

8.   Reproduce the issue you are experiencing

9.   To stop the capture, click on the red icon as shown in the image below


10. Save the log file in the .saz format by navigating to File > Save > All Sessions.


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