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Clarity Connect Supervisor - Training


 Dashboard: Once you are logged into Clarity Connect, click on “Dashboard”

  • Dashboard gives access to real-time performance data
  • Roll-up: Gives you a combination of the data from all queues
  • Direct Call: Shows any direct calls that are being sent through Clarity Connect
  • Queue tiles can be moved arou
  • You can also manually hide any queues you do not want to see (Dashboard>Hide Queue-Select the queues you do not want see in your dashboard)

Incoming Call: When there is an incoming call, in your dashboard, you will be able to see that call in the “Queued” tab. Here you can see how long they have been in the queue, the phone, which queue, the caller is calling into and you will also see a button that says “Take Call.” This allows you to accept the call.
Active Call: When the call is answered, it moves to the “Active” tab. Here you can see how long this call have been active, the phone number and queue that the call is in and now you also have two new buttons-Silent and Whisper
Silent: Allows the supervisor to listen in the call. The caller or the agent will not be able to hear them
Whisper: Allows the supervisor to guide the agent during the call. The caller will not hear.



 Review Reason Codes: Use this page to update the “Reason” why the agent is marked as “unavailable.” To edit, go to Agent Console>Review Reason Codes, then select the agent you would to review.



  • If you see the 7.png icon, you are able to edit the reason code
  • You can split the time and reasons
  • You will see here that the total time is 11 minutes unavailable; if I want 5 minutes to go to “In a Meeting,” I can change the time and set my reason and then select the save icon


  • With the rest of the time, you can change the reason code and then save. 

Agent Management: Under Agent Management and Agent Profile you are able to add and edit agents
To add a new agent, click on the 10.png icon.

  • Add the first, last and select the “Team” from the drop down menu. Also select the Skills Assignments (note once you have added the agent and you need to remove the, you will select the “Suspended?” box. They will no longer show as an agent).
  • To edit an agent, select the11.png  icon, make any necessary changes and click save.


Agent Rescue: A supervisor is able to change the presence of the agent by going to Agent Management > Agent Rescue


  • Supervisor is able to change the agent from RONA to available, mark as away or force off work.
  • Once selection is made, the Skpe4B presence will also change

Reason Codes: Under Agent Management > Reason Code, you are able to add or edit your reason codes
If you want to edit a reason code (disable or change the name), you click on the rtaImage.png icon, make your changes and select save.

 Queues: Under Handling > Queues, you are able to add an agent to a queue or add a new queue. 


To add an agent to the queue, click on the icon and select agent you want associated with the queue, then click save

To add a new queue, click on the19.png  icon, name, Calendar, Business Unit and select “Required Skills” and click save

Call Dispositions: Under Handling > Call Dispositions, you are able to add or edit a new disposition that shows up in the call details section.
Calendars: Under Routing > Calendars. There are number of options you have here; you can create a new custom calendar, you can force close the queues, you can resume normal hours (you will see these icon at the top of the section), you can override a calendar, edit or copy as new.
To make edits to the calendar, select the day you would like to change. Once you made all changes, select save at the bottom of the screen.
22.pngYou can also add Holidays to that calendar as well.

Skills: Under Maintenance > Skills. Here is where you can add or edit skills for each queue
To Edit: Select the pencil.png icon. You will be able to change the name or disable the skill. Once you have made the changes, select save.
To add a New Skill: select 25.png add the name of the skill and select save.


Roles: Under Maintenance > Roles. Here is where you can view the settings for each role you have listed in the system. You are able to determine which features are available for each role.
To Edit: First select the role you would like to make edits to, then select. You will now be able select the items you would wish that role to view.
 Session Search: Select Session Search at the top of your screen. This allows you to view session details, you can add extra notes or change the disposition of the session, and you can also hear and download the recording of the session.
To view a session: You can either select the “Session ID” from the list; you will see your most recent session. Or you can use the filters at the top of the page to look for a specific session.
Once you have found that specific session, click on the ID
There are several different tabs at the top 29.png

 Details: Here is where you can add notes to your
“Call Details” from the Agent Console. You can also view details about the session

Diagnostics: You will be able to view the session status history, who participated in the call and the session history
Recordings: You will be able to listen or download a recording of the session
Related Sessions: You will be able to view any session that are related to that caller. If you would like to see details from a previous session, simple click on the session ID.

Reports: Select Reports at the top of the screen. Make sure you are in Internet Explorer when accessing reports. Select the report you would like to view. Select your filers, and select View report.

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